Eco beginnings

When I’m not busy being an introvert, I’m normally reasonably chatty, witty and have a wicked sense of humour (reserved only for those I feel most comfortable around) but for the life of me I have nothing right now! I am suddenly feeling like I have about as much personality as a postcode. So if you are still here reading, hoping for something of value then thank you.

Who am I might be a good place to start. So here we go in as much of a nutshell as I can make this.

My name is Tamar (pronounced Tay-mar) named after the Tamar River in England. Born in NSW in the late 1970’s as an only child, grew up in and around suburban Sydney and the Blue Mountains although always a beach baby at heart.

In the 80’s ended up moving to Papua New Guinea as work took my father there.  I came back to Sydney to start boarding school at age 12 and a few years later moving up to the land of endless summer…Queensland.

Early 2000’s I got the sudden urge to travel and packed my bags and followed the well-worn path of many Aussie’s before me to ol’ London town. Fast forward 4 years and I was on a one way ticket back to Sydney (mum breathing a sigh of relief her only child was home and she attempted to rip up my passport, little did she know I wasn’t quite done yet). After a few years in Sydney I announced I was moving back the UK and stayed for another 4 years. I finally returned to the land of Oz in 2011, ironically around the same time I noticed my passport mysteriously went missing (Mum!!).

Weaved into all that was a wedding, followed by a divorce years later. I found myself post-separation, mid 30’s, no kids, nothing really of any significance to my name in terms of achievements and comparing my life to those of everyone in my friend list on Facebook. But I had my life back, I could breathe, was happy and laughing again. I could do anything now.

Financially I needed to be vigilant and as I was already working full time in Brisbane in my corporate HR job, I didn’t really want to give up my work life balance and get a second job. I have always been resourceful and creative so I started house and pet sitting around Brisbane to save money.

I built a fantastic network of contacts who were all predominately “cat people” and would rely on me to come into their homes and treat their cats like the royalty any cat lover knows they truly are. Owners could jet off around the world to swing in hammocks and sip cocktails, knowing every little thing was being taken care of back home. 

I grew a reliable reputation with some people even booking their holidays around my availability. I ended up living for 3 years rent and bill free being surrounded by gorgeous cats in gorgeous homes for gorgeous people. It’s not for everyone but I knew it wouldn’t be forever and I got to meet some amazing people along the way. I am now well settled and no longer living like a gypsy out of a suitcase.


How and why Eco Pout?

A few years back I attended a few Tony Robbins events and it was here that my mind was blown apart as I started learning and questioning everything in life from my own health, my purpose, right down to the products I was using and how they were having an impact on the environment and my health. I also had my eyes opened to how animals were being exploited for everything from beauty products, factory farming to entertainment.

From then on I became more aware and just tried where possible to do my bit. I use a keep cup for coffees, I have metal straws (or refuse to use plastic ones if out), I try to remember to use my enviro shopping bags when at the supermarket, I buy local where possible, check the ingredients and recycle. I am not perfect but do what I can, where I can. I love my beauty products but will always try to source as natural and non-toxic and as possible. So many alternatives around nowadays you really don’t need to compromise your love of makeup, your health, animal welfare or the environment.

In November 2017 I had the urge to make my own lipsticks for me to use after snapping the top off a commercially bought lippie. It’s one makeup item I am never without and I wanted to control the ingredients in this magic little tube I was painting my pout with every day. I also got to entertain my creative side which was lying stagnant for many years. I am sure everyone has heard the varying statistics on how many kilos of lipstick women apparently ingest each year, I won’t bore you with the facts or try to bedazzle you with how many stats I can hurl at you courtesy of Google, but I know it’s a LOT.

I got cracking like a possessed woman on a mission, made a few lipsticks from scratch and was surprised at how I was able to create such beautiful pigments and they felt creamy and non-drying with decent staying power. From this point forward to vowed never to buy another lipstick again!

I put a photo on Facebook and the rest is history. My main intention for this venture was simple! To create a quality product by me, for me so I could control what was going into my lipsticks, keep them non-toxic, based on natural ingredients and ensure they weren’t being tested on any other living being but me.

It’s all taken off from there and I now have my own little hobby-thing going on. I am not a pushy-sales hungry vampire by any means and am all about communication and treating people how I would like to be treated.

I’ll be back once a month-ish to write about the things I am most passionate about to do with natural non toxic ingredients, lipsticks and beauty products.

I am just one person in a big world, trying to do my little bit.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments or suggestions about my first blog or just want to have a chat, get in touch with me via 🙂